How much does it cost to rent a private jet?


How much does it cost to rent a private jet?



The cost to rent a private jet all depends on your individual needs 

The occasional charter of a private aircraft for business or leisure purposes, or to reach a destination not served by regular airlines, for a limited number of passengers, constitutes a reasonably priced option requiring no long-term financial commitment. 


Boeing Business Jet ou Airbus Corporate Jet : Pinnacle of comfort and luxury.


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Government officials, affluent businesspersons, and emirs often choose super jets for luxurious travel.  They feature first-class seats that convert into beds, custom leather upholstery, conference rooms, lounges, gyms, master bedrooms with king-size beds, private showers, porcelain, crystal, and more. These VVIP private jets are like floating palaces with extended flight range and ample luggage capacity.


Both Boeing and Airbus dominate this lucrative market with their Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) and Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ), respectively. These aircraft can be directly configured into luxury versions during production. For instance, the ACJ Airbus A319 can be equipped with 19 VIP seats, while a low-cost airline’s all-economy class version has 156 seats. Another example is the North American luxury cruise line’s Boeing 777-200LR VIP, which offers 88 sleeper seats and a spacious dining area. In comparison, a regular American airline operates the same aircraft with a capacity of 362 passengers, lacking the luxurious comforts.


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So how much does it cost to hire these exceptional aircrafts inclusive of all services? You can expect to pay between 8,000 to 10,000 euros on average per flight hour, and sometimes even up to 20,000 euros per hour flight for the all-business class 777-200.


“À la carte” private aircraft rental for corporate heads


When you need to travel in a small group, hiring a small private aircraft offers freedom, time savings, and cost benefits. Options like propeller turboprops or small private jets (such as the Embraer Phenom 100) are ideal for short runways.

The cost of private jet charters is subject to supply and demand dynamics, resulting in fluctuations. Sometimes, your preferred private jet is readily available at your chosen airport, while other times, an empty-leg flight may be necessary from a different airport, leading to additional costs.

For the best value, consider a charter flight from Paris Le Bourget to Nice using an entry-level Cessna Citation Mustang, accommodating four passengers on a same-day return trip. This option typically costs around 7,000 euros excluding VAT, amounting to less than 900 euros per trip per person.

For long-haul business trips involving a delegation of 14 VIPs or diplomats flying from Geneva to Teterboro, New York, chartering a Heavy or Ultra Long-Range jet is recommended for optimal safety and ample space for work and rest during the extended flight.


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There are a large number of jet or turboprop aircraft types (approx. 300).


What is the cost of a Gulfstream G650ER or Bombardier Global express XRS charter? The cost to rent a private jet in this category (heavy jet / ultra long range jet) is between 150,000 to 200,000 euros for a 3-day transcontinental round trip for 14 passengers, with aircraft and crew often remaining on site until your return.


This type of private jet charter may be costly but offers high levels of safety and comfort.


Can I hire a low-cost private jet or share a private jet?


You must be particularly lucky to be able to hire aircrafts that are positioned at your chosen destinations on the exact date that you have scheduled your trip! However, this solution actually is on offer, particularly at the best served business airports: Paris – Le Bourget, Nice, Lyon, Geneva, London, Rome, Milan, New York… However, you will be dependent on the principal client.


For example, this principal client could hire an aircraft from London City to Milan Linate and fly one way on Wednesdays at 11:00 local time.


If the plane returns to its base “empty” (called an “empty leg”), you will need to react quickly and be ready to leave from Milan to London as soon as the first flight is concluded and be in a position to make quick payment. You will then need to adhere to the flight schedule imposed on you by the company and the “principal” client.


On the other hand, you will get excellent value (for e.g., 1500 euros for 6 people one way on a Cessna Citation CJ2, champagne included!)


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Private jet share: Sharing the price of a private jet charter to a common destination like Ibiza


Not even considering the COVID-19 pandemic, passengers generally attach great importance to their own privacy and will forego sharing their private means of transports. It is therefore quite rare except in cases of force majeure or when clients share a common interest.


Should I buy or hire a private jet?


At the end of the day, which choice is better? If one has the necessary financial means (official body, government or large corporation), the purchase of a dedicated aircraft may be in order. Business travellers and officials on mission often take recurring long-haul trips amassing substantial flight hours.



Opting for occasional private aircraft charters can help you achieve price optimization. By choosing flights on a case-by-case basis, you can enjoy substantial savings compared to owning an aircraft outright. Chartering eliminates the need to cover variable costs like crew, fuel, maintenance, and eventual obsolescence. Additionally, it allows you to access modern private aircraft that can accommodate different passenger counts. These charters also offer the advantage of proximity to major business airports. This ensures convenience and efficiency in meeting your specific travel requirements.

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