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Last mile journey and inaccessible sites by plane

Helicopter travel, may be the right  and  efficient solution for your short haul flights and could also be really versatile allowing access to areas where planes are unable to land dropping passengers , equipment directly onto helipads, to events , private properties, remote areas, medical evacuation and humanitarian flights out of hostile regions.


AVICO will guide you to safe and suitable helicopter solutions in Europe and in other continents thanks to our expertise and knowledge of the market, of  operators , our high standards when selecting an aircraft and the support fo our H24 operations team.

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The benefits of helicopter charter
Hélicoptère sur plate-forme pétrolière
The benefits of helicopter charter
  • A wide rage of landing sites : offshore oil rigs, traffic jammed cities, mountains, remote areas without runways, stadiums and race tracks…
  • Optimum Last mile trip : An ideal option to end a trip connecting to a jet flight from an airport
  • Exclusivity of your journey : The helicopter is your aircraft for a tailored trip alike business jet travel.
  • Special operations : Medical evacuation flights , land survey , urgent goods , humanitarian passenger and cargo flights, air lift by sling… An aircraft for each and every need…
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Frequently asked questions about helicopter
Other questions

Which helicopter to fly?

Primary selection criterion for an aircraft, both planes and helicopters, is safety. Meeting the highest safety criteria is the prerequisite for any charter flight at AVICO.

To achieve this, we have defined an operating airline selection procedure with specific criteria for helicopters (such as up to date AOC and insurance certificate in compliance with aircraft and operation to be performed, use of a flight number, mono-turbine helicopter excluded, etc…).

Then come decision criteria such as number of seats, range, cruise speed or specific equipment (passenger flight, freight flight, Medical flight, etc…).

In order to charter the most suitable helicopter our project manager will guide you through all along this process and take care of everything.

What is the minimum notice to launch a flight?

We are working on a daily basis with airlines able to launch a flight on a very short notice, enabling us to provide in most urgent cases a first proposal in the hour.

For some specific destinations, local authorities permissions are mandatory (such as trafic rights), and would be the bottleneck, yet, in most cases, the helicopter will be able to take-off within two hours after your confirmation, either to join your starting point, or for your trip if it is already in place.

Which helicopter to fly?
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