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Air charter is a priceless option for emergency transport of medical , humanitarian equipment, tools , spare parts , as well as food supplies, perishable goods, valuable items and animals. It  could more specifically be a guarantee for efficient supply chains. For any urgent freight or oversized goods , we will accompany you throughout all situations and specifically during the most exceptional ones. Due  to  strong experience we have  gained in urgent air chartering and special flights AVICO will offer it’s expertise for all air freight requirements. Our teams are fully committed to finding the most relevant options at the best prices, will subsequently coordinate the transport with your teams and those of your freight forwarders and will also ensure proper preparation of the transport while considering all  specific requirements with the right measures and means in order to avoid mishaps.
The benefits of chartering a cargo flight
The benefits of chartering a cargo flight
  • Urgent freight: AVICO  achieves more than 30% of its activity in last-minute chartering
  • Oversized goods: Vehicles, military equipment, aeronautical parts, etc.
  • Humanitarian aid: Short delay delivery of equipment to remote areas
  • Live animals: Horses, day-old chicks, fish, …
  • Recovery task and breakdown of the supply chains : At any time, missing parts or tools can be delivered in case of emergency
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Frequently asked questions about air freight
Other questions

What is a cargo aircraft ?

A cargo aircraft, or freighter, is an aircraft specially designed (or converted from a passenger version) to fly freight and equipment.

Compared to a passenger aircraft, a freighter usually offers larger doors to load freight, and doesn’t offer passenger amenities.

Most of these aircraft are passengers one converted in cargo, such as the Boeing 747F, but some others have been designed as cargo aircraft directly, such as the Airbus A300-600ST as known as the Beluga, providing even more specific features.

What are the advantages of cargo air transport?

Air Cargo transport is the safest and quickest way to deliver goods and equipment, especially for long distances.

The versatility of cargo aircraft fleet on the market makes this solution relevant for heavy or oversize freight, humanitarian equipment, food, precious or fragile goods, as well as live animals (air transport being considered as considered the most humane and expedient method of transportation over long distances for animals).

What percentage of cargo is transported by air?

Air freight only represents roughly 1 percent of the overall freight movements by weight, but for 35% of the total value!

The explanation behind this gap relies on air cargo added value since the demand for air cargo is primarily constrained by the costs, as air cargo services can be up to five times the cost of transporting the goods by road, and up to 16 times the cost of sea transport.

Yet this is the quickest solutions and the safest way to handle “sensitive” (and valuable) freight, such as medicines, flowers, perishable goods or live animals such as young chickens or purebred horses.

How are passengers and freight insured on a charter flight?

The exact same regulations is applied on commercial flights as well as charter flights.

Yet, these regulations are depending on each country.

For instance, in Europe and the US, the minimum third party liability are quite high, regardless of the operating carrier. While for some other countries, this has to be studied case-by-case, considering the routing and the operating carrier.

It is important to know that for non European or American domestic flights, international minimums defined by Warsaw Convention and Montreal Convention are not always enforced.

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