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A complete ticketing service to meet your needs

As a natural extension to charter flights, AVICO also provides you with a full ticketing and reservation service: IATA approved, Amadeus equipped, available for air, rail, hotels, rental cars, taxis, and limousines.

We can thus build hybrid transport offers for you (charter and connexions on regular flights) in order to provide you with even more flexibility, manage the movements of your staff in advance of operations, organize pre and post-routings upstream and downstream of the chartered flight, and provide you with a comprehensive solution to your needs.

Support, Advice, Flexibility, Availability, Reactivity are the key words of the service that we put at your disposal to provide the best solutions for the delivery of your groups and your staff. We can handle your most urgent bookings, including weekends and holidays.

Advantages of AVICO’s offer Charter AND Ticketing?
Advantages of AVICO’s offer Charter AND Ticketing?
  • A dedicated advisor, at your disposal
  • Synergies between charter and group ticketing to find the best solutions and connexions for all your projects
  • Efficiency and availability AVICO, 7 days a week 24/24
  • Integrated end-to-end transport solutions
  • IATA approved, AMADEUS equipped, to offer you efficiency and responsiveness.
Frequently asked questions about Group Booking
Other questions

Is it less expensive to book for a group rather than several individual tickets?

No, booking for a group is not necessarily less expensive than individual tickets, yet it enables you to block seats at a certain price in advance without having all the passengers names.

For instance, you can book six months in advance a group ticket, pay a deposit and therefor set the buying price. Then you have until 15 days before departure to confirm the passengers names, offering you great flexibility.

How should I anticipate to book a group ticket?

Airlines open bookings for groups 10 months before departure date in general.

Then, group booking is possible until 15 days before departure, subject to availability.

In the event of an urgent project, we can handle it on a case-by-case basis, and be sure we will find you the best solution available.

Is it possible to change a passenger name in a group?

Yes, it is possible to change a passenger name from a group booking.

As long as the ticket is not issued (in general, 15 days before the departure date, but in some cases it could be up to 48 hours before departure date), changing passenger name is free.

Once the ticket is issued, it is still possible to change a name, but the airline will charge a fee.

What is the minimum number of passengers for a group?

According to the airlines definitions, you can book a group ticket as of 10 passengers in Economy Class and 8 passengers in Business Class.

The maximum number of passengers for a group varies between 30 and 130 passengers, depending on the airline.

We are here to support you to find the most relevant airline for your project tacking into account these parameters.

Is there a risk to see the price of my booking rise?

No, once you have paid the deposit, the price ticket (excluding airport taxes) is guaranteed, regardless of public price increase.

It is one of the advantage of group ticket compared to individual bookings.

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