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For a series of flights, a split charter, block-seats, or an allotment, AVICO’s experienced project managers offer tourism professionals, tour operators, cruise lines, specialized agencies, best suited solutions to the needs and budget of their clients.

The knowledge of the market, the close partnerships between AVICO and more than 200 international airlines, and our purchasing volumes give you access to the best solutions. The transparency, technical skills and integrity of the AVICO teams are guarantees of efficiency in supporting your needs on series of flights or consolidation projects.

Flight Series or Consolidation : solutions to meet your needs
Flight Series or Consolidation : solutions to meet your needs
  • Direct flights to destinations not / poorly served by regular lines
  • Programs and schedules adapted to your requirements
  • Control of your budget on airline service
  • Customized solutions (complete devices or seats / allotments units, retail of your empty seats on general public webites)
  • Availability and prices guaranteed for the duration of the series of flights, without ancillary charges / income
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Frequently asked questions from Tour Operators about charter flights
Other questions

What are the risks for a Tour Operator on a regular scheduled flight?

When a Tour Operator builds and markets a package, it selects and purchases hotels and services at destination, that it then links to a plane ticket.

However, the seats available on regular scheduled flights between the time the tour operator conceives the package and the customer purchases can see their prices vary greatly. Or worse, not even be available anymore!

The Tour Operator is therefore facing a significant financial risk with a budget that is difficult to control, as well as risking not finding availability but only for part of its package.


Therefore, a chartered flight is a particularly relevant solution.


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What is the difference between a series of flights and a consolidated flight?

When a Tour Operator sets up a project, he defines the destination, the period, as well as the days of departure.

For example, a flight Paris – Athens – Paris for a 3 month period, with the first flight on Saturday morning, and the second on Sunday afternoon.

He can then either set up a series of flights if he needs sufficient volume to charter a full aircraft on those dates.

Or if he has less passengers, for example 20 each week, he can find a solution via a flight consolidated by AVICO who then provides him with “block seats“.

AVICO charters the aircraft and sells block seats to the different actors on the defined market. This meets the same needs as a series of flights, but for a smaller volume and less risk for the Tour Operator.


Check-out our video on this topic 😉

What is the difference between "block seats" and allotment?

A “block seats” and an allotment are two different ways to rent a group of seats on a flight to a Travel Agency or a Tour Operator, in order to let them sell it.

The only difference relies in the terms.

Indeed, for an allotment, the price for the seats is negotiated when signing the contract between the airline and the Travel Agency or Tour Operator, as well as a deadline. Past that deadline the seats are given back to the airline without any fee.

As for a “block-seats”, it is a definitive purchase when signing the agreement, and the Tour Operator or Travel Agency is the “owner” of the seats as of the signature. They are from this moment carrying the risk of not selling it, but buying price is more competitive than for an allotment.

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