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Our H24 operations  team is fully rostered 24/7 to address urgent chartering request and will monitor live operations. After several world wide crises, we have gained an increasingly high level of expertise in the most complex issues related to repatriations, medical evacuations, the transport of rescue task teams and delivery of freight to a disaster site.  We can also offer a range of options for medical flights.


We have been specifically able to conduct  297 Covid-19 Emergency  flights between March and June 2020: repatriations, sanitary cargo consignments, transport of international task forces  and medical evacuation flights, for several companies, States, international institutions and individuals.

Avico teams are experienced and equipped to handle all matters related to emergency aircraft chartering : management of contracts, traffic rights, overflight, payments, insurance, ground operations, associated logistics, connections upstream and downstream of all flights.  Avico’s main objective is not only to provide an aircraft, but also to offer transportions, efficient, trustworthy and safe solutions meeting all the needs: anticipating foreseen constraints  generated by the emergency, safety and quality requirements which are inseparable from high value-added air transport

Dealing with exceptional situations
Vol médicalisé
Dealing with exceptional situations
  • Medical aircraft for a disabled, ventilated,  intubated or contagious patient with the assistance of a medical team on board
  • Select a suitable aircraft or helicopter in order to access difficult landing
  • 24/7 operations teams highly proactive and skilled in operational duties
  • Centralized management of regulatory, contractual and logistical constraints.
  • Competence, experience, involvement of our specialists in non conventional air chartering services
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What are the specificities of these special flights?
Other questions

Is it possible to charter a medical flight?

Charter an aircraft is the best way to set an medical flight, either in the context of public health crisis, repatriation, or any urgent flight involving a patient needing medical assistance and / or medical equipment onboard.

Indeed, medical crew will be onboard, and the aircraft type is selected based on the peculiar needs (stretcher, Intensive care unit and respirator, etc…).

This kind of flight can be launch on a very short notice and can take-off from any country in the World, particularly from secondary or remote airports.

What is the minimum notice to launch a flight?

We are working on a daily basis with airlines able to launch a flight on a very short notice, enabling us to provide in most urgent cases a first proposal in the hour.

For some specific destinations, local authorities permissions are mandatory (such as trafic rights), and would be the bottleneck, yet, in most cases, the aircraft will be able to take-off within two hours after your confirmation, either to join your starting point, or for your trip if it is already in place.

Can you launch a flight without knowing all the details from the passengers or freight to fly?


Contrary to commercial flights where each booking as to be linked with the identity of each passenger, a charter flight enable to book the flight only based on the expected number of passengers and / or volume and characteristics of the freight (size, dangerous goods, animals, etc…).

Exact number of passengers as well as their details and / or the freight details has to be confirmed a few days before the flight, and can be amended up to the last minutes before take-off.

Is it possible to charter a flight from / to secondary airports?

Yes, off course, you can charter a flight from any operative airport.

AVICO will find for you the closest airport from your final destination, while checking the operational feasibility. Operating atypical airports is one of the strong-suit of aircraft chartering for special flights.

Technical constraints related to the airport and the aircraft (such as the runway length, takeoff performance, airport curfew, slots, etc…) are taken into account by our experts in order to guarantee the security of the operation as well as optimal transport experience.

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