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Private Jet Chartering

Private jet charter: price, service but above all, safety. 


AVICO is the leading French air broker. Since 1996, we have been chartering private aircraft all over the world.  What makes us different? Our emphasis on safety and safekeeping of the funds deposited. Our team of private aviation professionals is based in Paris and applies its expertise to follow up your trip 24/7. 


Avico provides tailor-made transportation of passengers or goods by plane at the best rates, from Paris or virtually any airport in the world, for any size of group with many particularities (private jets, commercial aircraft charter, group travel on scheduled services, individual ticketing on legacy or low-cost carriers, cargo flights or urgent freight). 

Are you looking for the price of a private jet flight? Our search and quotation tool will help you quickly estimate the price of a private jet charter. 

How to charter a private jet for your travels?
How to charter a private jet for your travels?

For her business trips, a top manager must sometimes choose the fastest option to pay a visit to her teams, suppliers or customers worldwide. 


  • With Avico, you can maximize your business trip efficiency. We help you book a private plane at the time of your choice to any destination and in absolute discretion. You will be able to organize your business meeting, sign your contract… and return the same day. You will gain in productivity and comfort.  


  • Are you travelling for private reasons? Enjoy a family vacation with peace of mind and an attractive private plane rate. Avico offers a wide range of aircraft for rent.  You can choose either a classic aircraft charter at the best price, such as a fuel-efficient turboprop, or a spacious and comfortable private jet for long trips. 


  • A last minute flight? An impromptu business trip? Critical contract negotiations abroad?  An unforeseen production requirement? Your return scheduled flight is cancelled and you’re stuck abroad? You want to carry out an international promotional roadshow but don’t want to spend weeks on it? A reward or incentive trip? Do not worry: for all your air charter projects, Avico offers the best private aircraft rental solution at the best rate and at the airport of your choice. 


  • Avico is a specialist in private commercial aviation in Paris and around the world. Our long-standing reputation grants us a privileged access to the fleets of many international private jet airlines. You can book any type of aircraft through us, depending on your needs: Cessna Citation, Dassault Falcon, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Beechcraft, Hawker… We can also offer you a higher comfort aircraft rental such as VIP jets, Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) or Boeing Business Jets (BBJ)… Avico ensures the planning and execution of your tailor-made trips with a wide range of additional VIP services for your passengers, in full confidentiality and at the airport of your choice. 
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A wide variety of aircraft available for your specific needs

Frequently asked questions about Business Jet
Other questions

How to rent a private jet ? 

The private jet offer is quite extensive, making it sometimes difficult to read.

Yet our expertise is to help you identify the right business jet as well as the right operator for your project, and then professionnally handle all the required checks and procedures, keeping in mind our flight safety and quality imperatives.

Our experienced project manager will guide you to precisely understand your specific needs and create for you a tailor-made experience.

Which private jet to fly?

The choice of the most relevant business jet for you is based on several criteria:

  • Number of passengers
  • Distance to fly
  • Destination and specificity of the airport
  • Cabin layout and level of on-board service required
  • Budget

Our job is to listen to your needs and then identify the perfect match for you.

Private jet business is first and foremost a tailor-made product.

How much does it cost to rent a private jet?

Renting a private jet can cost anywhere from 4 000€ to 12 000€ per flight hour.

This huge difference in price is explained by the various types of aircraft and their respective characteristics such as number of passengers, flight performances (speed, distance, fuel consumption) and level of on-board service.

On top of that, the private jet business is a very seasonal one, and depending on the period (day of the week or week of the year), prices can vary tremendously.

You can directly estimate the price of your private flight using our online estimation tool 

How can I book a private jet at the last minute?

Private jet is often a solution for travelers looking for an urgent and flexible solution.

We built our organisation in order to meet this high level of reactivity and expectations, and we are able to offer business jet solutions for a takeoff within two hours, from virtually anywhere in the world.

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