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For over 20 years, AVICO has developed an offer dedicated to travel agencies and above all a mode of collaboration allowing you to include charter flights in your global offer, in order to respond to specific requests for business aviation, or for your promotional events either with helicopters, private jets or with larger aircrafts specifically charterized.


We work above all in a spirit of partnership, sharing our culture of quality and tailored service, and we are delighted to bring our technical expertise, our privileged relationships with airlinesprices linked to our purchasing volumes and our service to travel agencies to help them build the best deals for their customers.

Why charter a flight if you are a travel agency?
Why charter a flight if you are a travel agency?
  • Flexibility: Direct flights, schedules defined according to needs, freedom to change passenger names until departure
  • Exclusivity: one or more aircrafts, private jets or helicopters dedicated to your customers
  • Facility: solutions for all destinations, for all group sizes
  • Personalized: service, image, and details can be adjusted to the characteristics of your event to satisfy your clients: VIP reception, specific catering, branding on the headrests and the device’s livery, etc.
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Frequently asked questions from Travel Agencies
Other questions

How do I rent an airliner?

Our expertise and the complementarity of our activities allow us to forge long-lasting partner relationships with over 200 airlines that meet our safety and quality standards. This helps us to identify the aircraft and the most suitable company to meet your needs and to negotiate the best value for money from a wide range of planes available for charter around the world.

How much does it cost to charter a commercial aircraft?

It depends on the number of passengers, the season, departure dates, flight time and distance to travel to the destination. AVICO finds the best adapted aircraft for your project at the best price.

For example, the price for a round trip flight Paris – Milan for 180 passengers from Friday to Sunday in summer would be approximately € 344 including all taxes / passenger *

*: Data for information only, not contractual

May we choose secondary airports or airports badly served by regular lines?

Yes, AVICO selects the airport closest to your final destination, and checks the operational feasibility. Besides saving time, this solution is often optimal from a financial point of view.

The various constraints of airports and planes (length and runway and take-off performance, curfew limitations, airport saturation and flight times, etc.) are taken into account by our experts in their operational assessment in order to guarantee the quality of your operation and optimal transport conditions.

What is the necessary group size to justify a private charter flight ?

AVICO constantly adapts to your group travel requests. We are able to offer business jets for one to 15 people, regional jets from 8 seats (turboprop) to over 500 seats (Boeing 737-800, Boeing 747, Airbus A380).


By combining several flights, we are able to manage projects involving thousands of passengers converging from several cities to the same destination, as may be the case for a large sport or professional event.


In the case of more exclusive projects, we can also offer you a private jet charter.

Quel avion pour mon projet?

The Airbus A350 is the latest generation long-haul aircraft from Airbus, designed to compete with the Boeing 777 and 787.

Composed of more than 50% of composite materials, and therefore lighter than aircraft of the same category, the Airbus A350 consumes about 25% less kerosene, making it a particularly competitive option, and more viable from an environmental perspective. It will allow you to accommodate 325 to 480 passengers depending on its version.


The Airbus A321 is the largest single-aisle airliner and also the one with the most efficient cost per seat in its high density version. Its radius of action of approximately 5600km will allow you to ensure a musical tour or a fashion show  in Europe, a car launch in North Africa or a repatriation.


The Airbus A330 is one of the most common Airbus aircraft due to its high performance. Many configurations exist, with a total number of seats between 245 for the lower density and up to 440 seats in the low cost configuration, and an action radius of up to 13,000 km.

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