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Sport events, promotional tours, competitions are all events for which you must be focused on one and only one thing: your performance. Our goal is that you no longer have to worry about team transportation: our specialists will take care of every aspect of your flight. Thanks to our experience with airlines, but also with professional athletes, we can offer you the devices best suited to your needs (comfort, space, equipment management) and offer you a tailor-made service ranging from high-leveled athletes adapted menus to the personalization of the device in your colors. We will also be able to assist in organizing a supporters flight on the sideline of the competition or in managing the transport of specialized press representative.
Why charter an aircraft?
Why charter an aircraft?
  • Direct flight and schedules at your fingertips, even for destinations not served by regular lines
  • Exclusivity and confidentiality
  • A private plane adapted to your needs: Airliner, private jet, helicopter, etc ... We will be able to identify the plane that exactly fits your requirements
  • Fully customizable operation (VIP reception, specific catering, branding on headrests and delivery of the device, etc ...)
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Frequently asked questions about charter flights
Other questions

Can you launch a flight without knowing all the details from the passengers or freight to fly?

Yes, of course!

Contrary to commercial flights where each booking as to be linked with the identity of each passenger, a charter flight enable to book the flight only based on the expected number of passengers and / or volume and characteristics of the freight (size, dangerous  or fragile goods, animals, etc…).

Exact number of passengers as well as their details and / or the freight details has to be confirmed a few days before the flight, and can be amended up to the last minutes before take-off, offering you the flexibility that you need for operations such as sport events or competitions.

Is it possible to charter a flight from / to secondary airports?

Yes, off course, you can charter a flight from any operative airport.

AVICO will find for you the closest airport from your final destination, while checking the operational feasibility. Operating atypical airports is one of the strong-suit of aircraft chartering for special flights.

Technical constraints related to the airport and the aircraft (such as the runway length, takeoff performance, airport curfew, slots, etc…) are taken into account by our experts in order to guarantee the security of the operation as well as optimal transport experience.

What is the minimum notice to launch a flight?

We are working on a daily basis with airlines able to launch a flight on a very short notice, enabling us to provide in most urgent cases a first proposal in the hour.

For some specific destinations, local authorities permissions are mandatory (such as trafic rights), and would be the bottleneck, yet, in most cases, the aircraft will be able to take-off within two hours after your confirmation, either to join your starting point, or for your trip if it is already in place.

What is the necessary group size to justify a private charter flight ?

AVICO constantly adapts to your group travel requests. We are able to offer business jets for one to 15 people, regional jets from 8 seats (turboprop) to over 500 seats (Boeing 737-800Boeing 747Airbus A380).


By combining several flights, we are able to manage projects involving thousands of passengers converging from several cities to the same destination, as may be the case for a large sport or professional event.


In the case of more exclusive projects, we can also offer you a private jet charter.

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