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Our expertise: managing the exception

AVICO works regularly for many State and Para-State organizations, by providing special flights for State Presidencies, Ministries (Defense, Foreign Affairs, Interior, Justice…), Regions, International Organizations.

We have been able to adapt our offers to meet specific requirements while capitalizing on our experience in chartering for private players. State flights, commercial flights, VIP transport, agent relief, troop relocalisation, prisoner relocalisation, transport of medical and military equipment to mention some examples: the commercial, operational, legal and logistical aspects are managed by our teams, both for ad-hoc operations and in the context of multi-annual framework contracts. We can take care of both the pre-routing and packing of materials as well as connection on regular scheduled flights for people, upstream and downstream of the chartered flight.

Our Operations Unit is present to launch operations, prepare and monitor flights, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

What are the advantages of charter?
Jet Privé
What are the advantages of charter?
  • Flexibility: direct flights and schedules adapted to your needs, on demand
  • Cost optimization compared to full ownership of a fleet of devices
  • Maximum responsiveness in a crisis, thanks to direct access to a global fleet of aircrafts worldwide
  • Confidentiality and discretion
  • 24/7 availability
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The high standards in sensitive operations are matched only by our thoroughness and our willingness to meet the challenge. Our partners witness it.

Frequently asked questions about charter flights
Other questions

What is the difference between a commercial charter flight and an official government flight?

A charter flight can be an official government flight when the customer is a government, yet it is not mandatory.

A State can choose, while chartering an aircraft to keep its status as a regular commercial flight, or to apply the status of official government flight.

Yet, official government flight status does not have the exact same meaning in every country, and consequently remains subject to cautiousness.

What is the minimum notice to launch a flight?

We are working on a daily basis with airlines able to launch a flight on a very short notice, enabling us to provide in most urgent cases a first proposal in the hour.

For some specific destinations, local authorities permissions are mandatory (such as trafic rights), and would be the bottleneck, yet, in most cases, the aircraft will be able to take-off within two hours after your confirmation, either to join your starting point, or for your trip if it is already in place.

How are passenger and freight insured on a charter flight?

The exact same regulations is applied on commercial flights as well as charter flights.

Yet, these regulations are depending on each country.

For instance, in Europe and the US, the minimum third party liability are quite high, regardless of the operating carrier. While for some other countries, this has to be studied case-by-case, considering the routing and the operating carrier.

It is important to know that for non European or American domestic flights, international minimums defined by Warsaw Convention and Montreal Convention are not always enforced.

Can you launch a flight without knowing all the details from the passengers or freight to fly?


Contrary to commercial flights where each booking as to be linked with the identity of each passenger, a charter flight enable to book the flight only based on the expected number of passengers and / or volume and characteristics of the freight (size, dangerous goods, animals, etc…).

Exact number of passengers as well as their details and / or the freight details has to be confirmed a few days before the flight, and can be amended up to the last minutes before take-off.

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