Avico Group and Regio Lease conclude a joint-venture as Avico Group joins Regio Lease‘s capital


Avico group’s expertise in chartering and aircraft  asset management and Regio Lease, European leader in aircraft airworthiness consulting, have reached an agreement solidifying a sustained partnership after several years of close collaboration.

Over the past year, Regio Lease and Avico Group have worked together on several projects in the asset management space. A relationship of trust has matured through the mutual respect and strong competencies of both parties.


It is on this basis that Laurent LE MINH LOC — CEO of Regio Lease and Mourad MAJOUL — CEO and founder of Avico, have decided to move forward together, by outlining a more ambitious project.


An investment of 30% into the capital of Regio Lease by Avico Asset Management means a huge vote of confidence in the future from both parties in the business of support aircraft owners and  operators due mainly to both lessors and airlines becoming likely to encounter difficulties that stem from economic pressure and commitment to maintain high levels of safety.


Both Regio Lease and Avico Group are keen to develop this business and offer will offer enhanced services to their partners. This merger will allow Regio Lease to gain access to Avico’s commercial relationships while significantly increasing the technical expertise at Avico Group. The scope is to ultimately develop new synergies in order to offer a wider range of services to airlines, lessors and to investors in airline assets, while being able to address all the issues that confront aircraft owners and operators during the life cycle of their assets.

AVICO et RegioLease

“Besides the clear skills and quality of Regio Lease team members, this is mostly a matter of creating a harmonious project between both executive teams that will carry us toward worthwhile investments in the future.  We are delighted with this close and everlasting relationship with Laurent and his team“ said Mourad MAJOUL — Chairman and founder of Avico Group.


“This investment by Avico Group shows the huge confidence and efficiency of our business model, our technical expertise and our global strategy. We can now plan multiple steps ahead, in term of innovation and development. We have been long-term partners with Avico and now we can build a stronger, sophisticated scope of services which will serve our customers base worldwide” — proudly states Laurent LE MINH LOC, Chairman and founder of Regio Lease.


About Regio Lease

Regio Lease is an airworthiness management consulting company founded in 2003, based in Paris Orly addressing three areas of expertise: Management and ongoing airworthiness of stored or active aircraft — Ongoing airworthiness review and counselling services regarding aircraft registration — and Handover of aircraft between two successive companies. In 2019, turnover generated was 6 million € and the company offer full digitalization services.

Regio Lease CAMO service is certified by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) – by BCAA (Bermuda Civil Aviation Authorities ) — Cayman Islands, Guernsey and Isle of Man . The company also ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certified.

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