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Success of concert tours and recording sessions is based on flawless planning and logistics allowing artists to focus only on their performance. Air chartering is the right solution that would suit your needs fulfilling your imperatives. AVICO will  accompany for each and every need. We are offering our team’s skills, commitment and advice. They will be dealing as much as possible on your behalf  with both contractual and operational aviation matters.   Our expertise in the creation and optimization of complex transport plans and thorough monitoring by our H24 operations teams are the guarantees for smooth and  seamless organisation of your transportation.
The benefits of chartering an aircraft for a musical tour
The benefits of chartering an aircraft for a musical tour
  • Non-stop flights and tailored schedule to destinations offering poor schedlued airline services.
  • Exclusivity and Confidentiality
  • A solution to all your needs : Airliner , private jet, helicopter, cargo aircraft for stage sets & instruments
  • Fully personalized operations (VIP Hospitality, specific catering services , headrest branding and aircraft livery , etc...)
  • 24/7 Availability
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Frequently asked questions about charter flights
Other questions

Can you launch a flight without knowing all the details from the passengers or freight to fly?

Yes, of course!

Contrary to commercial flights where each booking as to be linked with the identity of each passenger, a charter flight enable to book the flight only based on the expected number of passengers and / or volume and characteristics of the freight (size, dangerous  or fragile goods, animals, etc…).

Exact number of passengers as well as their details and / or the freight details has to be confirmed a few days before the flight, and can be amended up to the last minutes before take-off, offering you the flexibility that you need for operations such as concerts.

What is the necessary group size to justify a private charter flight ?

AVICO constantly adapts to your group travel requests. We are able to offer business jets for one to 15 people, regional jets from 8 seats (turboprop) to over 500 seats (Boeing 737-800Boeing 747Airbus A380).


By combining several flights, we are able to manage projects involving thousands of passengers converging from several cities to the same destination, as may be the case for a large sport or professional event.


In the case of more exclusive projects, we can also offer you a private jet charter.

How much does it cost to charter a commercial aircraft?

It depends on the number of passengers, the season, departure dates, flight time and distance to travel to the destination. AVICO finds the best adapted aircraft for your project at the best price.

For example, the price for a round trip flight Paris – Milan for 180 passengers from Friday to Sunday in summer would be approximately € 344 including all taxes / passenger *

*: Data for information only, not contractual

What are the advantages of cargo air transport?

Air Cargo transport is the safest and quickest way to deliver goods and equipment, especially for long distances.

The versatility of cargo aircraft fleet on the market makes this solution relevant for heavy or oversize freighthumanitarian equipmentfoodprecious or fragile goods, as well as live animals (air transport being considered as considered the most humane and expedient method of transportation over long distances for animals).

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