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Private Jet Chartering

Private Jet Chartering AVICO specializes in the chartering of business aircraft and setting up of related personalized services.


The expertise of our dedicated project managers and the availability of AVICO’s H24 Operations Team allow us to offer you a wide range of jet aircraft that are able to take-off within 2 hours upon confirmation. High proactivity without compromising safety and confidentiality are our main concerns for your private jet journey.


We will be able to accompany you during your private jet journey and business travel with tailored solutions and long term support. Our teams and project managers will guide you specifying your choice and will ensure stringent follow-up of operations from confirmation to successful completion of the flight. They will ensure close coordination with flight crews and ground handlers.


The benefits of private jet travel
The benefits of private jet travel
  • Tailored schedule : choose your own departure time even at the very last minute
  • Your time is precious : Non-stop flights departing from private terminals of your own choice will reduce time on the ground, avoid connecting time and endless queues
  • A Jet that suits your personal needs : Luxurious aircraft , long range private jet, comfort, seating capacity and layout for work or rest etc…We will pinpoint the right aircraft according to your requirements
  • Exclusivity of your journey and confidentiality of your operations
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A wide variety of aircraft available for your specific needs

Frequently asked questions about Business Jet
Other questions

How to rent a private jet ? 

The private jet offer is quite extensive, making it sometimes difficult to read.

Yet our expertise is to help you identify the right business jet as well as the right operator for your project, and then professionnally handle all the required checks and procedures, keeping in mind our flight safety and quality imperatives.

Our experienced project manager will guide you to precisely understand your specific needs and create for you a tailor-made experience.

Which private jet to fly?

The choice of the most relevant business jet for you is based on several criteria:

  • Number of passengers
  • Distance to fly
  • Destination and specificity of the airport
  • Cabin layout and level of on-board service required
  • Budget

Our job is to listen to your needs and then identify the perfect match for you.

Private jet business is first and foremost a tailor-made product.

How much does it cost to rent a private jet?

Renting a private jet can cost anywhere from 4 000€ to 12 000€ per flight hour.

This huge difference in price is explained by the various types of aircraft and their respective characteristics such as number of passengers, flight performances (speed, distance, fuel consumption) and level of on-board service.

On top of that, the private jet business is a very seasonal one, and depending on the period (day of the week or week of the year), prices can vary tremendously.

You can directly estimate the price of your private flight using our online estimation tool 

How can I book a private jet at the last minute?

Private jet is often a solution for travelers looking for an urgent and flexible solution.

We built our organisation in order to meet this high level of reactivity and expectations, and we are able to offer business jet solutions for a takeoff within two hours, from virtually anywhere in the world.

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