Avico introduces two incredible experiences:

  • Weightlessness flights, with an astronaut

  • Formation flights, onboard a jet trainer aircraft

Experience the emotions of weightlessness as experienced by astronauts and the excitement of flying a jet trainer aircraft which can perform aerobatics

Fly weightlessness, with Air Zero G

Who has never dreamed to fly without any attach and defy gravity rules?
Ever dreamed of flying by defying gravity? ever dreamed of performing like an astronaut?
This is an unforgettable weightlessness experience, to live on board ZERO-G Airbus A310. Avico is in charge of marketing such flights, performed by Novespace
(a subsidiary of CNES, French National Space Study Center) under
Air Zero G brand.Such flights can be tailored to your company needs if you have a promotional event. 

Fly a jet fighter aircraft in formation, onboard Fouga Magister aircraft

Would you like to reenact the flying, aerobatics and formation flying that you see at airshows or watching the Top Gun movie?
Such unique experience is now possible, with Fouga Magister Team:
You can fly in formation on board French Fouga Magister aircraft with a jet fighter pilot for an amazing training flight, with another Fouga aircraft a few meters away, relying on our pilots extensive experience (some of them were members of famous Patrouille de France).
Briefing by the instructor pilot, formation flying, aerobatics, create a unique promotional event or team building experience based on our jet trainer aircraft. 

Chartered Air Zero G flight for Carrefour stores 50th anniversary
Formation flight serie performed for VoyagePrive.com