Aircraft Charter and Special Event Flight

This Service embraces chartering aircraft
for a variety of special events,
business travel or crisis management
for a diverse client base.

Avico will typically contract €25M a year with airlines on behalf of its clients.

Current customers include:

  • Car Manufacturers 
  • Pharmaceutical Companies 
  • Cruise Companies 
  • Tour Operators
Transfer of 1,200 camels in cargo aircraft
from Sudan to Dubai 
Aircraft chartering to Stromfjord - Kangerlussuaq (Greenland) on behalf of a Belgian cruise company
3 years Airbus A330 chartering contract
for Belgian Defence
Master chartering contracts for passenger and freight cargo transportation withUnited Nations, French, UK and Danish Ministries of Defence 
Series of flights for 20,000 cruise company passengers to Sevilia, Oporto, Budapest, Constanta
Team and supporter charter transport 
over 3 sport seasons
15,000 car manufacturer invitees
brought from the whole Europe to Geneva
A private jet chartered over 6 weeks,
to bring journaliststo Logrono
for an exclusive press release